Taking photos because I want to.

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The above photographs are of Pender Island BC, Boston Massachusetts,  Vancouver BC,  both during the day and night. I feel good that I am using all of the skills I learned in the Photography dept. during my University days.

Dollhouse Party, 2009

I was asked to photograph a party. This was the first party I photographed in over a decade. I’m not going to lie, I was scared to death.

I used to take photos of raves/afterhours all the time, but when I did it then I had a crappy camera, endless rolls of film, I was going to these parties-so I took photos for fun. This time was different. I had a nice camera, it was digital this time round (so no more bags of film in tow), I had a task to fulfill, it was over a decade later, and I became a spectator no longer a participant.

I knew I didn’t want these photos to look like I was on the “sidelines” the entire time and I also I knew that I didn’t want to shoot from the hip either.

The night had become a constant dialogue between a spectator & a participant. What were the both of them seeing, experiencing; and how was it different than one another? Quite a lot. Looking through these photos, it has made me realize that although I thought I was  a “spectator” at this event  I had become a participant through the camera.

Eyco Building Group, 2009

Kitsilano Home, Vancouver BC, 2009

I was approached by Eyco Building Group to photograph retail and residences that they have renovated for their website. I look forward to doing more of this kind of work.

European Touch Hardwood Floors,Vancouver BC, 2009

Jericho Yoga Studio, 2009


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